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We share some of the most relevant news published in the media about our innovative projects.

Like Netflix: cars arrive for rent or subscription with all-inclusive online services

Toyota presents Kinto One, a monthly subscription of zero-kilometer vehicles, while the Argentine platform Keko offers a fleet of 150 units for its carsharing proposal per minute or day with toll and fuel included

Media: La Nación Online

¿How can technology change your life?

Will Artificial Intelligence replace humans? Can it help my business? Are there magic rewards? Is it just for tech experts? Many questions arise when talking about Artificial Intelligence and the profound impact will only begin to be seen in the future. Leandro Harillo, CTO/Co-Founder of Binit participated as a speaker on this panel.

Media: La Nación

New driving test in CABA: the cars are already there for the tests

The carsharing company Keko was awarded in the tender made by the City Government to provide 32 double command vehicles; the new exam will be on the street

Media: La Nación