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We develop innovative platforms through a successful combination of procedures, methodology, software development, and high tech.

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Our work

Check out our clients and innovative projects:

Denary - Corporate

Innovative platform created to simplify financial corporate management. All the key information needed in order to design the growth of your business and quickly adapt to market changes.

Foster - Smart Retail

Taking the online experience to the real world. First smart restaurant in Latin America. 100% automated ordering , payment and, pick up. Innovative user experience that redefines the traditional retail business and boosts operating profits.

Flexo - Corporate

The perfect complement for your ERP. Integrated E-Commerce, BI, CRM, VoIP, logistics and more. Agile and flexible platform that boosts and improves business and customer experience. The system integrates with any ERP: SAP, Business One, Bejerman, Tango, BTB and more. Main features: e-commerce, management, BI, logistics and communications. Adopted by John Deere to integrate with his representatives in Central America.

Integra - Agrotech

Integrated communication and management platform used by 12,000 producers. It optimizes costs, monitors animal welfare, provides tracking and enables continuous improvement, with an end-to-end coverage of the process.

Keko - Shared economies

Keko is the first sustainable carsharing platform in Argentina. It is a mobility platform that allows you to rent a vehicle for minutes, hours, or days from a mobile application and the web. This technology responds to the demand generated by the new trends in mobility.

SIFER - E-Government

SIFER is a remote inspection management system done for Buenos Aires´s Government.