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A new player arrives in the mobility business: cars to rent by the minute

The development, driven by two Argentine companies, had an initial investment of 3 million dollars and has a fleet of 150 vehicles. Keko, a joint development of RDA Mobility, a firm that offers global renting and fleet management service, and the software and technology company Binit, which acts as a partner to accelerate growth, has just launched on the market. Gathered in Keko, the company obtained, at its launch, an initial investment of US $ 3 million and a fleet of 150 zero-kilometer vehicles of different models.

¿How can technology change your life?

Will Artificial Intelligence will replace humans? Can it help my business? Are there magic rewards? Is it just for tech experts? Many questions arise when talking about Artificial Intelligence and the profound impact will only begin to be seen in the future. Leandro Harillo, CTO/Co-Founder of Binit participated as a speaker on this panel.

Like Netflix: cars arrive for rent or payment with all-inclusive online services

Keko is the relaunch of a service known as Awto, a proposal that was developed in 2019 in partnership with Nissan. “Awto is a foreign franchise, while Keko is a joint development of RDA Mobility, a company that offers global leasing and fleet management services; and Binit, a software and technology company that acts as a partner to accelerate growth”, they point out from the company.